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Consumers' Attitudes towards Weekends, Night & Street Markets
Autor Fischer, Wolfgang Chr.
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Erscheinungsjahr   23.09.02
ISBN   978-3-89936-006-6
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In line with the general acceptance by economists and politicians of globalisation and the veneration of free market forces, the retail sector in Australia and in most other OECD countries has seen a tremendous concentration of vendors. In spite of this, the aim of this research monograph is to investigate the emergence of weekend, night and street markets. Generally these are an „unexplored territory“ of economics, and often these markets have been regarded as a quantité négligeable.

Giving some thoughts on tax justice, analysing the economic survival of small business in the retail sector, studying the determinants of the traders operations including taxation within a fairly cash economy, the limitations of regulations and of the determinants of consumers’ perceptions, one question among others arise whether the Government should support weekend, night & street markets directly through subsidies and through taxation privileges, or should the Government intervene by strict regulations. Examples of these markets were given from Australia, Germany, New Zealand and North America. There are some serious doubts whether the traditional consumer research through questionnaires might deliver reliable results. Nonetheless to gain some reasonable data had been a key issue for this research project. The consumer survey was Administered to a regional sample of 1,000 people living in the Townsville area, North Queensland, Australia.

Overall, weekend, night and street markets are mostly enhanced in their attractiveness to consumers by providing a social atmosphere, a cultural flair in the sense of a „bazaar“ and hence an opportunity for consumers to enjoy a „market flair“. This is opposed to the monotonous shopping atmosphere of supermarkets and in shopping centres with the dominance of self-service.


Wolfgang Chr. Fischer, born 1942, studied Economics, History and Law from 1962 to 1968 at the Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, and at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany. He was awarded Dipl.-Volkswirt (MEc) in 1968 and Dr. rer. pol. (Doctorate in Economics) in 1971 from the Faculty of Law & Economics, University of Bonn, where he had been Academic Assistant at the Institute of Economic Policy. From 1975 until his retirement in 2000 he had been Professor in Economics, specialised in Consumer Affairs, at the University of Bremen, Germany. He was Visiting Professor at the University of San Francisco, the University of Guelph, Canada, and the University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany. Currently he is Adjunct Professor in Economics at James Cook University, Australia.


Chapter 1 Some Thoughts On Tax Justice – Nearly A Modern Fairy Tale
Klaus Dieter Diller

Chapter 2 Small Business
Ian Fleming

Chapter 3 Isolation of the Consumer
Erich Krausbeck

Chapter 4 Participants at Weekend, Night & Street Markets
Wolfgang Chr. Fischer

Chapter 5 Assessing Measurement Validity of Consumer Research
John Liefeld

Chapter 6 Consumer Survey 2002 in Townsville/ Australia
Peter Byron & Wolfgang Chr. Fischer

Chapter 7 A Basic Cultural Economics Approach to Government Support of Weekend, Night and Street Markets
Gregor van der Beek

Chapter 8 Consumers’ Attitudes towards Weekend, Night & Street Markets: The German Experience
Günter Lehnert

Chapter 9 Retail Markets in New Zealand
Robert Lawson & John Guthrie & Jane Hlaihel