Consulting for Equity

Consulting for Equity
Lowinski, Felix
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1. Introduction

2. A Typology of the Client-Consultant Relationship in Management Consulting
2.1 The Evolution of the Management Consulting Service Sector
2.2 The Market for Consulting Services
2.3 Management Consulting – Definition, Characteristics and Economic Functions
2.4 The Price for Advice in the Client-Consultant Relationship
2.5 Consulting for Equity as a New Outcome-Contingent Compensation Scheme
2.6 Conclusions for the Relationship between Clients and Consultants

3. The Theoretical Framework of the Principal-Agent Theory
3.1 A Delineation of the Principal-Agent Theory within the New Institutional Economics
3.2 The Principal-Agent Theory
3.3 The Principal-Agent Model – Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard
3.4 The Applicability of the Principal-Agent Theory to Analyze Consulting for Equity

4. Consulting for Equity under Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard
4.1 Information Asymmetries in the Client-Consultant Relationship
4.2 Aligning the Interests of Consultants to those of their Clients
4.3 Hidden Action of the Consultant
4.4 Unobservable Quality of the Consultant
4.5 Consultant Moral Hazard and Unobservable Quality of the Start-up Firm
4.6 Implications for the Applicability of Consulting for Equity under Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection

5. Consulting for Equity in Germany – Empirical Evidence
5.1 Overview
5.2 The Design of the Empirical Study
5.3 Empirical Results
5.4 Conclusions

6. Summary and Outlook

Über den Autor

Felix Lowinski was born in Dorsten, Germany in 1973. After the completion of a two-year banking training program, he studied economics at the Universities of Oklahoma, Mannheim and Heidelberg, where he took a diploma in Economics in 2001, presenting a thesis on the Corporate Governance of microfinance banks in Eastern Europe. He went on to work as a research assistant at the Institute for Mergers & Acquisitions (IMA), Witten/Herdecke University from 2001 to 2004. In 2005 he received a doctoral degree (Dr. rer. pol.) from the Faculty of Economics and Management at Witten/Herdecke University. Since 2005 he has been working for WestLB AG in Düsseldorf.

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