Music Sponsorship at a Turning Point

Music Sponsorship at a Turning Point
Hund-Göschel, Angela
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1. Introduction

2. Sponsorship
2.1 Introduction to the market of sponsorships
2.2 Sponsoring markets
2.3 Latest developments and trends

3. The market of music sponsorship
3.1 The music industry 2.0
3.2 Music sponsorship
3.3 Learning

4. Opportunities and threats for sponsors on the music market
4.1 General opportunities and threats
4.2 Implications from key developments on the music market
4.3 Strategic advice
4.4 Strategic checklist for potential music sponsors

5. Conclusion

Über den Autor

Angela Hund-Göschel was born in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, in 1984. After graduating from high school she began her studies of “International Business and Languages” with focus on marketing management at Stenden University, Netherlands, and Universidad Mayor, Chile. Key activities of the author lie within the area of marketing co-operations, sponsoring, online marketing, and new business. Since graduating as Bachelor of Commerce she is working as a manager at Noshokaty, Döring & Thun GmbH, an agency for marketing and co-operations, located in Berlin, Germany.

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