Effectiveness of Social Media Communication

Effectiveness of Social Media Communication
- An Empirical Analysis of Key Performance Drivers
Caprano, Cornelia
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1. Introduction

2. Contextual Background
2.1. Social Media
2.2. Corporate Weblogs

3. Related Literature

4. Hypotheses Development
4.1. Conceptual Framework
4.2. Source of Information: Author Hierarchy Level
4.3. Presentation of Information: Storytelling and Sensory Elements
4.4. Interaction with Information: Participants, Sentiments, and Conversations
4.5. Overview of Testable Hypotheses

5. Data Description and Modeling Preview
5.1. Data
5.2. Modeling Preview

6. Variable Definitions, Measurements, and Checks
6.1. Variables and Measures
6.2. Robustness Check: Alternative Specification
6.3. Variable Recap and Summary Statistics

7. Empirical Model
7.1. Data Challenges and Modeling Approach
7.2. Model Specification
7.3. Model Extension

8. Model Estimation and Discussion
8.1. Estimation Strategy
8.2. Regression Results
8.3. Interpretation of Coefficients
8.4. Detailed Analytical Insights and Discussion

9. Conclusion

Über den Autor

Cornelia Caprano studied business administration with a focus on marketing and retailing, bank management and financial planning, and French business and language at the University of Passau. In 2008, she started her doctoral studies at the Graduate School of Business at the University of Zurich, which she completed in early 2015. During that time, she worked as a teaching and research assistant at the Chair of Marketing. The author is also a lecturer in MSc Business Administration at the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences.

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