Third-Order Risk Preferences and Cumulative Prospect Theory

Third-Order Risk Preferences and Cumulative Prospect Theory
- An Experimental Study
Borß, Michael
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1. Introduction

2. Description of distributions and preferences
2.1. Statistical description of distributions
2.2. Utility theoretic foundations

3. Third-order risk preferences
3.1. Preferences for skewness
3.2. Preferences for prudence

4. Experimental design and procedure
4.1. Experiments as empirical method of research
4.2. Implementation of the research project
4.3. Stage Skewness
4.4. Stage Prudence
4.5. Stage Certainty Equivalents
4.6. Experimental procedure
4.7. Recruiting of subjects

5. Experimental results
5.1. Description of experimental sessions and subject pool
5.2. Third-order risk preferences
5.3. Stage Certainty Equivalents
5.4. Within subject analysis

6. Conclusion

Über den Autor

Michael Borß studied Business Administration at the University of Münster, Germany, as well as in Strasbourg, France, and Illinois in the United States. Having successfully finished his studies as a Diplom-Kaufmann in 2005, he joined The Boston Consulting Group as a consultant and mainly worked on strategy development and implementation in the Financial Institutions practice area as well as in Corporate Development. During an educational leave of absence the author started his dissertation under the supervision of Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf and worked as a research assistant at the Center of Private Banking of the Endowed Chair of Finance of the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management 2009–2011. The author continued to work for The Boston Consulting Group in Cologne and Hamburg and then joined Home24 in Berlin where he is currently responsible for Group Controlling.

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