Crossing Boundaries for Innovation

Crossing Boundaries for Innovation
- Research and Development in the 21st Century
Steinberg, Philip J.
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1. Introduction

2. Crossing organizational and country boundaries via R&D offshoring: The impact of captive offshoring and contract offshoring on innovation performance
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Theoretical background and hypothesis development
2.3. Data and methods
2.4. Results
2.5. Discussion
2.6. Conclusion

3. Crossing organizational boundaries via markets for technology: The impact of supplying R&D on own innovation performance
3.1. Introduction
3.2. Literature review
3.3. Supplying R&D to third parties and own innovation performance
3.4. Firm-level heterogeneity in the effect of supplying R&D to third parties on innovation performance
3.5. Data
3.6. Results
3.7. Discussion
3.8. Conclusion

4. Managing the crossing of country and organizational boundaries: R&D internationalization strategies and management practices in multinational companies from emerging versus advanced economies
4.1. Introduction
4.2. Literature review
4.3. Hypotheses development
4.4. Method
4.5. Results
4.6. Discussion
4.7. Conclusion

5. Effects of crossing country boundaries at the level of the individual: The impact of foreign language use on the evaluation and selection of innovative projects
5.1. Introduction
5.2. Theoretical background and hypotheses
5.3. Method
5.4. Results
5.5. Discussion
5.6. Conclusion

6. Overall summary and conclusion

Über den Autor

Philip J. Steinberg studied Business and Management at the University of Mannheim with specialization in Strategic & International Management and Industrial Management until 2012. From April 2013 to December 2017, he pursued his doctoral studies at the Jackstädt Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research, University of Wuppertal. From February to April 2016 he also visited the Department of Strategic Management and Globalization at the Copenhagen Business School. His joint research with his supervisors Prof Dr. Vivien Procher and Prof. Dr. Diemo Urbig has been published – among others – in Research Policy. In April 2018, the author joined the Department of Innovation Management and Strategy at the University of Groningen as Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Strategy and Organization.

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